Hidden gems are my JAM. And I'm sure I'm going to get the same comments from people reading this saying "well now it's not a hidden gem anymore because you're writing about it". Well, don't worry guys. Tripadvisor's list of 25 best hidden gem restaurants put this gem out to the public first, and it's selected from the entire United States.

Located in Bar Harbor, Mount Desert Island, Maine, is a little lobster pound shack called The Travelin' Lobster.

From everything I've seen online, they're not only known for their heaping piles of buttery lobster in the classic Maine roll, but also for their size variations. Order a mini lobster roll, a small, or a large if you're feeling up for it.

Almost all of the reviews (out of over 600) on the Tripadvisor review tab, were positive.

User Fivedivers said:

"Had fresh lobster and steamers here last weekend. Great food and service. Everything cooked in boilers directly in front of you as you wait. I I’ll definitely go back"

User Lpcabrera said:

"Fantastic place, what ever long the line is, wait, it is worth it. The lobster bisque is spectacular, the crab melt has no comparison, lobster roll, the oysters. All super good. One of my best meals in a long time. I will give them 7 stars, but just allow 5"

User Csc43 said:

"Amazing. Wonderful. Never had a better lobster and the crab claws were also fabulous. Cornhole was great while husband waited in line. So worth the wait!"


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