Christmas is always a little more special when you wake up in the morning and there's some pretty snow covering the trees in your backyard. We always dream about waking up in a snow globe with our blinds up in the living room while we open presents. So what are the chances of a white Christmas this year?

Considering Maine was slotted by News Center Maine to have a "warmer-than-average" winter this time around, it may not be in the cards this year. However, that doesn't 100% mean that getting a pretty snow fall around the greater Portland area on Christmas Day is off the table.

Since I'm not expert of why weather does what it does, I'll fill you in on some quotes straight from News Center Maine:

"We can expect a normal amount of precipitation (rain or snow)"

"The amount of snow we receive is still up in the air. It will depend on the track of each storm as it moves through. To get snow, we need both cold air and moisture at the same time. Because of that fact, we can infer that there would be less snow than normal this season due to the warmer temps."


Let's look at it like this though. Opening day at Sugarloaf 2023 was back on November 17, and we saw tons of snow.

According to, the average snowfall in December will be 32" up north. So maybe to get a higher chance at waking up on Christmas Day in your own snow globe, you can plan a trip and book a cabin at the loaf this year!

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