An iconic upscale fry shop in Portland is getting some serious national praise. However, it's not for their special spuds this time.

The popular foodie website LoveFood posted an article about the best sandwich from each state. While you might think Maine's would be some type of lobster roll, LoveFood went in an entirely different direction. The site chose the incredibly delicious Broccolini sandwich from Portland's Duckfat Restaurant. The East End restaurant has been serving up delicious food for nearly two decades, including this masterful delight.

This pressed sandwich features delicious raclette, locally made goat cheese, homemade romesco sauce, and broccolini, which gives it a fresh bite. This sandwich gives a whole new meaning to a grilled cheese.

Duckfat via Facebook
Duckfat via Facebook

Here is a little of what LoveFood had to say about Duckfat and its amazing Broccolini sandwich.

Customers return here time and again for the exceptional duck-fat-fried Belgian fries and delicious panini, including veggie favorite the broccolini, which oozes with Jasper Hill raclette, locally made goats' cheese, and romesco. It's far more indulgent than its name suggests.

Just imagine how good this sandwich must go with Duckfat's amazing Belgian fries. What makes it a "Belgian Fry?" It's in the way Duckfat prepares the potato. The spuds are hand-punched, then twice fried in duck fat to perfection. This leaves the fry extra crunchy and extremely succulent. It always leaves the customer wanting more.

Congrats to one of Portland's finest foodie spots. This is very deserving attention that is exciting to see.

Duckfat joins a list of prestigious sandwich shops from around the nation on this list, which is sure to make any reader very hungry. You can see the rest of the list here.

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