Any time a celebrity visits Maine and dines out somewhere, it's big news with the state. From Martha Stewart to Steve Carell to Seth Rogen and beyond, Mainers love to know what places the stars are visiting in Vacationland.

But when a celebrity chef visits Maine and tells you that something served in the state is one of the best things that they've ever had in their life, that's when you should really take notice.

While Guy Fieri's visit to Maine with Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives has garnered plenty of attention, other big name chefs from Food Network have also made their way to the state over the years, including the world's first female Iron Chef, Cat Cora.

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Cat Cora recounted her visit to Maine on the Food Network series, Best Thing I Ever Ate. During her upbringing, she absolutely loved comfort food. One of her favorites was chicken pot pie. During her visit to the Pine Tree State, she indulged in something she hadn't had before, lobster pot pie.

The meal stuck with Cat Cora, and her episode brought a ton of attention to the Kennebunk Inn and Academe, the restaurant that served up the lobster pot pie. The dish eventually became so famous that lobster pot pies were being shipped around from coast to coast due to demand.

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But all good things generally come to an end. In 2022, the owners of the Kennebunk Inn and Academe sold the historic piece of property and business. That signature dish that brought so much attention won't ever quite be the same.

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