We can all pretend that we know every single rule and regulation when it comes to roadways in Maine. For most of us, we successfully passed drivers education in our teenage years. Without any further re-education required, it would be easy to forget some of the laws.

One law in particular is a repeat offense for many drivers in Maine. Blame it on being overly cautious or perhaps overly nice. Either way, it's a dangerous practice and needs to stop.

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Too Many Drivers Stop at Green Lights to Let Pedestrians Cross

In Maine's largest and busiest cities and towns, the act of a driver coming to a complete stop at a green light to allow pedestrians to cross the road happens far too often. There are some instances where this is acceptable behavior for motorists, but they are rare.

The only time when a motorist should come to a complete stop at a green light for a pedestrian is when there are no pedestrian walk signals available.

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Pedestrians Need to Follow the Law as Well

For most of us in Maine, we have the thought in our brain that pedestrians have the "right of way" all the time. A dive into the Maine Legislature statutes would show differently. There is a divide as to when pedestrians have the "right of way" and when overly kind drivers are actually putting everyone at risk.

Throughout most of Maine's biggest cities and hottest tourism towns, there are pedestrian walk signals that help with traffic flow. When both the driver and pedestrian ignore those signals, it puts all other drivers and pedestrians at risk.

Nick Cooper
Nick Cooper

It's Illegal to Block an Intersection in Maine

Beyond the dangers posed to both drivers and pedestrians when coming to a complete stop at a green light, it's also technically against the law. Maine law prohibits motorists from blocking intersections, and coming to a complete stop at a green light qualifies as that. Drivers caught in this infraction could face a citation and fines.


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