It's safe to say that the Farmers Almanac probably got it wrong for the month of February. The old standard predicted a snowy month for both Maine and Massachusetts, with particularly strong storms set to arrive in both the second and third week of the month.

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While Massachusetts has seen some snow, Maine has been a blank canvas. And short term forecasts don't have much changing for the rest of the month. While February may have been a dud for the Farmers Almanac prediction machine, their forecast for March sounds like something all of New England can believe in.

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The Famers Almanac is calling for a 'polar coaster' in most of the country (including New England) for the month of March. The Farmers Almanac believes there will be stretches of abnormal warmth, but the majority of days will sit below the average temperature for that time of year. A cool March beats a cold March.

Daniel Hanscom
Daniel Hanscom

The Farmers Almanac still isn't shying away from predicting some storms either. For the first week of March, the Farmers Almanac believes the northeast will see a powerful and potentially wet winter storm.

As the month of March moves on, the storm calendar will be relatively quiet. But rather than feeling the warmth of the spring solstice, the Farmers Almanac predicts frigid temps mid-month. As for the remainder of March, the Farmers Almanac calls for rainstorms with solid potential to bring thunder and lightning. Severe thunderstorms for Maine and Massachusetts in March is a little different.

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The Farmers Almanac is also holding steady on a 'surprise' winter storm for early April that could bring some snow back into people's lives before spring really hits overdrive.


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