To say it's been an odd November in Maine would be an understatement. November 2022 has already been three seasons packed into a handful of days. There was remnants of summer with several days topping out in the mid to upper 70's. There's been some springlike days with chillier mornings followed by milder days. Since it's fall, there's been a taste of that, too, with blustery wind and some crisp air. So, it seems fitting that November may deliver a dose of winter as well.

Shared on Twitter by Robert LaRoche, a pair of forecast models are promising a major snowstorm for Maine, much earlier than one would typically arrive. The EURO model has some serious snow dropping, with the majority of the state seeing 10 inches or more. The GFS model is in close agreement, predicting the majority of the state seeing somewhere between 8 to 12 inches of snow.

The idea that Maine will see a storm sometime next weekend isn't up for a lot of debate. Whether or not that storm brings snow or rain is where things get murky. While snow in November isn't an uncommon occurrence in Maine, conditions still need to be perfect for rain to turn into snow.

Street full of snow in the wintertime in the town of Saco, Maine
Photo Italia LLC

After a series of record-breaking warm days in November, Maine will be plunging into below-average temperatures over the next week. If those conditions hold, including dropping below freezing at night, the storm system that is on the way will likely turn from rain into snow and deliver a white Thanksgiving to Maine.


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