Hey ladies, have I got some good news for you. According to a new report, this great state is definitely for you.

WalletHub.com, a personal finance website, recently published a report on the best states for women. Unsurprisingly, Maine scored very high on the list.

In fact, the Pine Tree State came in as 5th best in the report. That's a heck of a number. It's great to see Maine as one of the most welcoming states here in our country.

Maine's actual score was a 71.80. The scoring was based on a 100-point system. Two major categories were looked at: women's economic & social well-being and women's healthcare & safety. These categories were broken down to 25 subcategories, making it as detailed as possible. You can read more about the methodology here.

Maine scored well in both categories, including a 14th place finish in women's healthcare and safety. However, the state really shined in women's economic & social well-being, where Maine had a ranking of 2nd overall, only finishing behind the District of Columbia.

These rankings are wonderful to see, especially for a state that prides itself on inclusivity, education, and safety. Mainers should feel good about the incredible work and gender climate that Maine has. Just another reason why this state is such a wonderful place to live.

According to WalletHub, the best state for women can also be found in New England, Massachusetts. The Bay State had a high score of 74.70, which included a number one ranking in women's health care & safety.

As for the lowest ranking, that went to the fine state of Oklahoma. The Sooner State finished with a lowly 33.80 score. Well, at least they have good college football there.

You can see the entire report here.

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