Sometimes you never know what you might catch while watching a television show or movie.

A perfect example of this happened to me recently while watching the popular reality show, Welcome to Wrexham.

The show follows a professional football (or soccer) team in the Welsh town of Wrexham. The team's new owners are Hollywood stars Ryan Renyolds (Deadpool) and Rob McElhenney (Always Sunny in Philadelphia). The two hope to bring back the glory days of when the team was having much more success and competing in a higher league.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Welcome is Wrexham is already a few seasons in, but my wife and I just started watching it. Yeah, we are a little behind. Deal with it.

As we were watching Season 1, Episode 3, I noticed something familiar. It was a quick shot, but the image was unmistakable. I immediately paused and rewound the scene to make sure I wasn't imagining things.

The scene was in the local pub. A few chaps were enjoying some pints with the barkeep. And then all of a sudden, one of the blokes held up his glass, and there it was, a simple logo that any Mainer would totally recognize. Here it is below.

Welcome to Wrexham via Disney+
Welcome to Wrexham via Disney+

That is the beer logo for none other than Maine's own Shipyard Brewing Company.

How cool is that???

Right in the heart of this small city in Northern Wales is a pub that is rocking pint glasses with one of Maine's most iconic breweries on there.

However, it's not just the glass. The pub, which is called The Turf, also has Shipyard's American Pale Lager on draft. This means if you ever go to a Wrexham home game, you can pregame with a few of Maine's finest brews.

The Turf Draft Menu from its Website
The Turf Draft Menu from its Website

Congrats to Shipyard on the international cameo. I look forward to having a pint of American Pale Lager if I ever get over to The Turf.

You can watch Welcome to Wrexham on FX and Disney+.

Man, I wish I owned a soccer team.

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