An iconic eatery in Biddeford has just received a new title, as it was named Maine's most unusual restaurant.

The article was put together by the popular folks over at LoveFood. They found the most unusual restaurant in every state for their piece. I can tell you this, there are some absolute gems on this list, including Maine's representative, the tasty and popular Palace Diner.

Palace Diner via Facebook
Palace Diner via Facebook

Now, it's easy to assume unusual must mean the extreme. However, it can be a rather broad stroke, as is the case for Maine's representative. We aren't talking about a joint on top of a mountain or in some weird submarine. We are talking about an upscale diner that is found in a dining car that was made nearly 100 years ago.

The Palace Diner is run by Greg Mitchell and Chad Conley. The two took over the diner car in 2014 and have received praise for their creative takes on diner classics. The dining car itself is an absolute knockout. There's more character in that little restaurant than entire cities. It's a very unique dining experience.

Here is a little of why Palace Diner was chosen as Maine's most unusual restaurant.

Maine's oldest diner...Everyone sits and eats in one line along the bar, just as they would do if it were still a working rail carriage. The restaurant serves all-day breakfasts, including buttermilk flapjacks, omelets, French toast, and granola, as well as a lunch menu of sandwiches featuring favorites like fried chicken and cheeseburgers.

I will warn that a wait is very likely, considering its size. However, Palace Diner is close to many coffee joints, bakeries, and other eclectic shops to help you pass the time while you wait. And it is well worth the wait. I can personally guarantee you that.

Palace Diner via Facebook
Palace Diner via Facebook

As much as I love Palace Diner, I probably wouldn't have deemed it the most unusual. However, I understand the sentiment, considering it's a wonderful throwback to an era of dining that has mostly disappeared. Plus, the level of food coming out of this little car it out of this world, so I can live with it being hailed "unusual."

Congratulations to this great little diner for this latest accolade. It's always great to see national recognition for the state's small businesses, especially the ones that truly deserve it. The Palace Diner is certainly one of those.

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