For many people throughout New England, the time for winter is over, and the time for spring has arrived. While the days lasting longer may supply fuel for that thought, Mother Nature has let us know that she's not ready to put winter away just yet.

A powerful nor'easter has taken shape, and will clearly impact Maine this coming week. As the storm approaches, there are two key questions that still need to be answered: how much snow, rain, and wind will arrive in certain of areas of the state, and how long will this storm linger?

Forecast models continue to produce the most probable outcome for an April nor'easter in Maine. Coastal towns and cities will see more rain than snow, including plenty of strong wind gusts and the potential for flooding.

Inland towns and cities are going to get hammered with snow. Portions of western and northern could see up to two feet of snow. Portions of central and eastern Maine could see as much as a foot of snow as well.

Those high snow totals will generate from this being a very slow-moving nor'easter. Some models have the storm arriving late on Tuesday night and essentially sitting over most of the state for Wednesday and Thursday. Eastern and northern Maine could see some lingering precipitation last into Friday morning.

Flooding and power outages will once again be a major concern during and after this nor'easter leaves town. Several rivers and streams in Maine are already running high, and coastal communities have been battered by high tide flooding.

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