A lot of people don't want to talk about it, but maybe they should. That would be sex. There's plenty of chatter through podcasts, gossip columns, and dating apps about sex, but rarely does the topic of 'how frequent' get broached.

That's why a recent survey done by NapLab is so eye-opening. The results show that Maine and the people that call the state home may want to start an open dialogue about a topic that feels a little taboo.

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Why? Because Maine simply isn't having enough sex. Like, not even close to enough. Maine has the second-lowest sex rate in the country. NapLab's survey results suggest the average Mainer is having sex about once every two weeks. And remember, that's only the average.

To put that into perspective, Alaska leads the nation in sex rate. Alaskans are averaging some intimate time about three times each week. Other New England states like Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire all rank among the top 10 in sex rate as well. So what gives with Maine?

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Perhaps the average age of Maine residents is part of the problem. According to Prb.com, Maine has the highest population per capita at age 65 and older. Many aspects of life slow down at retirement age, and that could be a major factor in Maine's minuscule sex rate.

It isn't just the elderly, however. Nearly 25% of the respondents to NapLab's survey claim they only get it on once each month. Nearly 10% of the survey respondents claim they do it once or twice per year.


Colorado was only state in the nation to rank worse than Maine in sex rate.

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