Podcasts have become all the rage over the last several years, especially for those in the car for long periods of time commuting for work or traveling. The data has been collected, and the results are in. According to Spotify, here are the top five most streamed podcasts in the state of Maine for 2023.

5. Crime Junkie

If you're a "Crime Junkie" like me, you know that you don't need the visual aspect you get from shows like Datline, 20/20 and Forensic Files. True Crime podcasts are huge right now, and Crime Junkie is the most popular one in Maine. This one is hosted by Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat. In each episode, they delve into various true crime cases, recounting the details, investigations, and theories surrounding mysterious disappearances, murders, and other criminal incidents. They do a great job shedding light on these cases and sometimes even go as far as assisting ongoing investigations by encouraging listeners to share any information they might have.

4. The Daily

The Daily is a popular news podcast produced by The New York Times and hosted by journalists. Each weekday, the podcast provides an in-depth look at a couple of the day's top news stories along with conducting interviews with experts or individuals involved in the topic. As far as topics and types of news covered, it typically leans towards the top stories of the day, but will usually do a deeper dive into these stories, offering the listener more information than they may get by watching it on TV.

3. Armchair Expert qith Dax Shepard

Dax Shepard hosts this podcast along with co-host Monica Padman. On Armchair Expert, they engage in in-depth conversations with celebrities, experts, and professionals from different fields, depending on the topic. Topics can range from personal stories, mental health, addictions, and more. The conversations are candid and often personal. Past guests include a wide range of celebrities such as Barack Obama, Will Ferrell, Ashton Kutcher, and Bill Gates.

2. Call Her Daddy

Owned by Barstool SportsCall Her Daddy gained popularity for its candid discussions about dating, hookups, and other sex-related topics in a humorous fashion. Expect hosts Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn to be upfront and not afraid to drop expletives whenever they feel like it. This podcast appeals to several age groups, but has resonated heavily with the younger demographic, as they have often have conversations about taboo subjects.

1. The Joe Rogan Experience

If you're familiar with podcasts, it would be surprising if you weren't familiar with Joe Rogan's long-standing podcast. Whether you love or hate him (there doesn't really seem to be much of an in-between), he's known for being one of the original podcasters and usually has no issues saying whatever is on his mind. The guests are eclectic and the topics of can consist of anything from entertainment, health, philosophy, politics, sports, and beyond, and can often go on for hours, with interviews getting personal and often controversial.

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