When it comes to animals, the people in Maine have repeatedly shown how much they care, whether that's for animals who have spent far too long in a shelter or those who have roughed it outdoors for far too long.

Sometimes, those stories are difficult to tell and absorb. One of those stories – the tale of a struggling stray cat who was very pregnant – was recently shared on Facebook by Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills.

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Arriving to the shelter over the weekend, a stray cat named Daytona needed help quickly, as she was in poor health and very clearly pregnant. The incredible staff at Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills got to work immediately. However, before they knew it, Daytona was ready to have her kittens.

She required an emergency c-section, and during that procedure, veterinarians discovered that all but one of Daytona's kittens had died. Though the discovery was morbid, the objective was clear and obvious to save the one "miracle" kitten.

Facebook via Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills
Facebook via Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills

That kitten was named Bristol, and over the past several days, the kitten has continued to defy all odds. But that has come at a cost.

Like most animal shelters, Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills runs on a very small budget with contingencies for severe emergencies. The c-section for Daytona and the care for Bristol has crushed that contingency for the shelter.

Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills is looking for donations to restore their emergency contingency in the event another situation like this arises.

Daytona and Bristol are going to foster homes to continue their rehabilitation in loving spaces. The people of Maine always come to the rescue.


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