What's a Maine summer without numerous trips to the iconic Old Orchard Beach?

A little bit of everything is represented there, from aggressively dressed tourists (yes, talking about you, Canadians) to arcades, tattoo parlors, amusement rides, and t-shirt shops.

However, Old Orchard Beach should really be known for the famous spud that engulfs us all with that salty flavor and perfect crunch. I'm talking about Pier French Fries, the shop that's been putting smiles on sunburnt faces for generations. And as a true sign of spring coming, the hugely popular shop has announced its opening date for 2024.

Pier French Fries via Facebook
Pier French Fries via Facebook

According to its Facebook Page, Pier French Fries will be opening on Friday, April 26. Along with the announcement of the opening date, the shop also mentioned it would not be raising prices or changing any sizes, even during times where rising costs seem to be the norm. This is quite a gesture to its hordes of patrons.

The opening isn't just about spuds, though. They will also be opening the legendary Bill's Pizza that day. Pier French Fries bought Bill's back in 2022, to ensure the pizza joint continues to satisfy the masses of beach bums that will hit OOB this year.

Both Pier French Fries and Bill's Pizza have been serving delicious food for generations. Pier Fries has been open since 1932, while Bill's Pizza got its start in 1949. The two shops are some of the most iconic spots in not just Old Orchard, but the entire state.

Pier French Fries via Facebook
Pier French Fries via Facebook

For more information about both of these incredible Maine institutions, you can visit them online here. If you want to avoid the long queues, I highly suggest heading early in the season to get your slice, delicious crinkle-cut fries, and poutine.

Both shops will be open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., with at least the first few weeks being just Friday through Sunday. Expect seven days a week to follow soon after.

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