Located on the beautiful coastline of Kennebunk, Maine, is a historic gem with roots tracing back to the late 17th century. It holds the title of being the oldest continuously-operating inn in the United States, and still currently owned by the same family, nine generations deep.

The Seaside Inn dates back to 1667 and was founded by Samuel Stone, a prominent figure in Kennebunk's early settlement. It originally opened as a tavern for travelers, and eventually evolved into an inn. Over the years, it has gone through the necessary renovations, but not losing its original character. As a result, it offers the blend of historic charm and modern comfort that guests would hope for.

The location hasn’t hurt their success. Kennebunk is a beautiful coastal town and a popular tourist destination with beaches, shops, restaurants, and historic sites attracting visitors. It's well-known as the location for the summer home of former President George H.W. Bush and family.

Unfortunately, due to the horrific coastal storms that ripped through Maine in January, the Seaside Inn (along with many other coastal businesses and homes) suffered a great deal of exterior damage, roof tiles torn off, and even shattered windows.

Owner Ken Mason told News Center Maine:

We had a team of friends come down, we filled sandbags, we tried everything to make it so it wouldn't get over the wall and it got to the point that we just had to leave because we couldn't stop anything.

Not only were the inn and the seawall damaged, but the storm’s aftermath left significant damage to the nearby roads, which has obviously been heartbreaking to Ken, his family, as well as other businesses and homeowners.

In the days that followed, a wave of support came from the local community and beyond, as volunteers offered their assistance and worked tirelessly to repair the damage.

Though the memories of the storm linger (along with concerns of future natural disasters), the commitment is still there to keep the spirit of America’s oldest inn alive.

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