A popular fry shack in Portland is once again receiving national attention for its iconic spuds.

The popular site Not Fries (yes, that is really the name) has posted an article about the best places in the nation to get one of America's favorite snacks, the golden, salty, oily, and delicious french fry. Of course, a site name Not Fries would put this article about fries together. The internet is a weird place, man. But back to the topic at hand...

On this prestigious list of golden goodies is one of Maine's favorite spots for sparkling spuds, Duckfat. The East End upscale shack has been serving up their special "Belgian Fries" for nearly 20 years.

Duckfat via Facebook
Duckfat via Facebook

What makes it a "Belgian Fry?" It's in the way Duckfat prepares the potato. The spuds are hand-punched and then twice fried in duck fat to perfection. This leaves the fry extra crunchy and extremely succulent. It also always leaves the customer wanting more.

Here is a little of what Not Fries had to say about Portland's favorite french fry.

Have you ever had fries that are so tasty that you wouldn’t care to have them from anywhere else? If you haven’t, then Duckfat will surely make you feel that way...The restaurant serves these fries with a variety of sauces. If you ever visit this city, you must try the fries here. It’ll surely become a reason for you to come back to Portland!

That's quite the high praise for Duckfat. There's nothing like ruining every other fry experience. That's called domination, folks.

Duckfat via Facebook
Duckfat via Facebook

If you haven't had a chance to try these delicious morsels from Heaven, I suggest you do so now before the tourists take over Portland in the warmer months.

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