When the colder temperatures arrive and a chill reaches your bones, there are few things more enjoyable to warm back up than a delicious cup of hot chocolate.

Many of us in Maine grew up on store-bought powder packets that still offer up a few delicious sips of chocolatey goodness while also adding in some extra sweetness with marshmallows.

But did you know there's actually a place in Portland that offers up one of the most delicious cups of hot chocolate in the entire nation? According to Eat This, Gelato Fiasco in Portland's Old Port serves up the very best cup hot chocolate in all of Maine.

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The reasons why Eat This highlighted Gelato Fiasco makes sense. Gelato Fiasco is obviously known for their frozen treats, but all that flavor that comes out through their gelato has to start as something not frozen first.

Gelato Fiasco takes their pre-frozen chocolate gelato mixture and transforms it into a steamy cup of drinking chocolate. In the winter season, Gelato Fiasco will offer a pair of upgrades to your drinking chocolate that include house-made whipped cream or melt-in-your-mouth marshmallows.

Facebook via Gelato Fiasco (Old Port)
Facebook via Gelato Fiasco (Old Port)

Gelato Fiasco is located at 425 Fore Street in Portland's Old Port, between two of the city's hottest new restaurants, Bar Futo and Paper Tiger. During the summer months, tourists pour into Gelato Fiasco to try their signature flavors and creative offerings.

So if you find yourself holiday shopping through the Old Port this winter, there's a unique kind of hot chocolate to keep you warm right nearby.

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