I am a SUCKER for fried clams.

Even just typing those words has me craving a few whole belly clams.

Now, being on the Seacoast allows for the best seafood. From lobster to oysters (and of course, clams), the best seafood in the country is right here.

But what about the best of the best? What restaurant can actually claim the title of "best-fried clams"? Because let's face it. There are unlimited amazing fried clam restaurants in New England, but there can only be one #1.

Every place claims to be the best, but which restaurant ACTUALLY has the best fried clams?

According to a New England.com article, the best fried clams in New Hampshire can be found at Petey's Summertime Seafood.

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Across from Wallis Sands Beach and just outside of the charming coastal city of Portsmouth, Petey’s Summertime Seafood in Rye is not only iconic, it’s also one of the best places to get fried seafood in New Hampshire. Their fried clams are no exception, perfectly deep fried and exactly what you need after a long day at the beautiful beaches of Rye.

And even though the name suggests that they are only open in the summertime, that is not true. So you can grab New Hampshire's best-fried clams this weekend if you're feeling it.

As for Maine, the restaurant with the best fried clams was given to Bob's Clam Hut in Kittery.

The best fried clams in Maine are some of the easiest to find. Bob’s is the first major clam shack you encounter when entering Maine from the south on I-95. Just over the border in the outlet-crazy town of Kittery, Bob’s has been serving up excellent fried fare since the mid-1950s. You may have your fried clams done either in Bob’s original recipe—breaded and fried to a crisp, golden crunch—or you may have them done “Lillian’s way” (the clams dipped in a wash before breading). Or you may have the best of both worlds and order the Clams Two Ways Plate, which features both versions.

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Google Maps

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