Bloody Marys are a big part of my personality. It was the first cocktail I ever loved, because I love spicy things and I'm a big tomato juice girlie.

When I turned 21, I didn't realize that a Bloody Mary is more of a morning time/brunch beverage. I just knew I liked them and that I could legally order one at the bar. I remember vividly being all dolled up in my club gear for a night out in Boston (with a fresh spray tan, of course). When it was my turn to order, I proudly yelled out to the bartender, "Bloody Mary please, extra horse radish! It's my birthday!" The bartender looked confused, and my friends cringed on my behalf. They explained to me that certain drinks are meant to be enjoyed at certain times of day. A Bloody Mary was not available at 10:30 pm at this club in Boston. I panicked and ordered the next drink I knew of, which was an underwhelming vodka soda.

To this day, I still think it's unjust to assign cocktails to specific times of day. If your heart wants a dirty martini with blue cheese-stuffed olives at 11 am, you might need a nap at noon, but rock on with your bad self. I think we really need to flip the script. This is a cause I feel passionately about.

Since I have a bit of a past with Bloody Marys, I am always on the hunt for the most extravagant, creative, outlandish Bloody to ever be served.

I've seen Bloodys garnished with hamburgers, lobster tails, oysters, and jalapeño poppers. But never in my wildest dreams have I seen the concoction IKKO in Dover, New Hampshire, has up their sleeve.

Not only does this beauty of a bloody come with sushi, it has an onion ring and a crab rangoon on there, too! If this isn't in my belly soon, there are going to be problems.

They are calling it "The Ultimate Sunday Bloody Mary" because, you guessed it, it's only available on Sundays.

This masterpiece will be available at IKKO Sushi and Japanese Steakhouse on Central Ave in Dover starting Sunday, March 10. And because I am no longer pregnant and am able to enjoy booze AND sushi, I will be there for The Ultimate Sunday Bloody Mary's inaugural brunch. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more exciting specials and updates.

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