Being a husband to a nurse, I hear about certain "codes" that are associated with situations that can go awry in a hospital.

Most of those codes are specifically related to nurses and doctors. Patients and guests do not necessarily need to be aware of what the codes mean.

There are other locations and businesses where "codes" are common and announced over the intercom. These codes are different from what takes place in a hospital.

Unlike a hospital, codes announced in one of the most common franchises in the United States, Walmart, are announced for guests and everyday people in the store to be made aware of. You need to memorize a few of these.

If a "code brown" is ever announced on an intercom inside a Walmart in New England, you need to exit the store immediately.

According to a US Sun article, a code brown indicates that there is a violent situation going on in the store. This could be anything from a fight breaking out to an active shooter in the store.

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The bottom line is if you hear a code brown being announced, you need to leave for your own safety.

There are other codes that are being made public by a former Walmart employee, and you should really know all of them.

These codes are specific to Walmart stores:

Code Orange: Chemical hazard.

Code Blue: Bomb threat.

Code Green: A hostage situation.

Code White: Someone has been injured.

Code Adam: Lost child in the store.

Now obviously we hope to never hear these. However, it is important to know that some are life-threatening.

Save it, share it, and remember it for your own safety.

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