They're doing it.  The two mom's who are Sweetened Memories Bakery are finally opening a storefront, and it's exciting.

The bakery began six years ago when two friends – who were also moms of same-aged children – decided to put their creative talents to work.  They've created a successful business online, and make beautiful and tasty cakes, cupcakes, and cookies, but they've never had an actual storefront.

Sweetened Memories Bakery via Facebook
Sweetened Memories Bakery via Facebook

Now that their children are in school, the timing was right for Kathy Shattuck and Alaina Creswell.  They decided to have a storefront in addition to their online bakery, and everyone in Durham is very excited, including all the University of New Hampshire students and their parents.

Sweetened Memories Bakery is the perfect place to send a special treat to your college student at UNH, during exam week, for a birthday, or just to say "we're proud of you".

They also make a wide selection of gluten-free cakes and cupcakes. Yippee!

According to, the mix of creativity and business sense is perfect between these two hard-working mothers, and they're looking for more help on the baking side.  The owners say,

"Over the last few years our team has grown, and we now have a fantastic group of women who are incredibly talented both personally and professionally taking this sweet journey with us! If it weren’t for the energy and passion of every person on our team, we simply couldn’t make it happen".

Need TSwift cupcakes or a "Midnight" cake?  No problem.  This team is so creative, you won't believe what they create and how good they are.  Check them out online, on Facebook, or on Etsy. 

Congrats, Team "Get Frosted" on your new home.

Sweetened Memories Bakery press release/Facebook
Sweetened Memories Bakery press release/Facebook

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