It's always cool to catch a glimpse of wildlife here in New England.

Whether you're near the ocean or mountains, there's never a shortage of creatures you could spot in their natural habitats.

But what about a whale believed to have been extinct in the Atlantic Ocean for 200 years?

Gray Whale Spotted Off the Coast of Massachusetts

According to an NBC News article, gray whales can be distinguished by their lack of dorsal fins, "mottled grey and white skin, dorsal humps and pronounced ridges." They are typically found in the North Pacific Ocean, and were thought to have disappeared from the Atlantic by the 18th century. Only five have been spotted in those waters since.

That is, until now.

As the below ABC News TikTok explains, this monumental sighting occurred last Friday off the Massachusetts coast.

The video explains that the New England Aquarium aerial survey team spotted the whale around 30 miles south of Nantucket, and couldn't believe what they were seeing. After going the extra mile to confirm their discovery, the scientists concluded that what they saw was indeed the elusive gray whale, and that it was most likely feeding.

But why is he/she in the Atlantic? NBC cites climate change; more specifically, the result of rising temperatures in the Northwest Passage.

Whatever the case may be, researchers are hoping to do another aerial survey in the future, so hopefully they'll capture more footage then. But in the meantime, they're understandably thrilled by this remarkable encounter.

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