I love a good speakeasy! A trip to CodeX in Nashua will transport you to a time where booze wasn't even legal (if you can believe it!), but people still found a way to get cocktails on the down low.

This place looks like your regular old used bookstore from the outside. Never in a million years would you think, "Hey, I bet they serve alcohol in there!"

According to NewEngland.com, once you enter the “bookstore”, you're presented with a large bookcase and an apparent dead end. Before you give up and go home, take a closer look at the books. One of them is actually a secret lever! How cool is that? Pull the right book on the shelf, and you'll be granted access through a secret door into the speakeasy.

All kinds of delicious vintage cocktails are available on the other side of that bookshelf. I'm talking Moscow mules, Espresso martinis, you name it!

The reviews really say it all..

Wendy from Mason NH is a fan. She's been twice!

"Went for a second time and took friends with us.
Super busy but employees went out of their way to accommodate everyone. They were exceptional! Food and drinks were great too. Definitely give them a try."

Michelle from Braintree, MA says it's worth a road trip!

"Love how you have to show your "library card" to get in. Crowd of people are very friendly and the staff was busy, but made time to make rounds at the tables. Really was a great time. Eclectic atmosphere and yummy food!"


In addition to being a fun and sexy place to grab a cocktail, they host lots of fun events. Follow CodeX on Facebook and Instagram to check out their weekly specials and upcoming events!

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