Throughout my whole life, I have heard certain things and believed them without really knowing.

You know those silly "facts". If you swallow gum, it will not come out for seven years, you must wait an hour after eating before swimming, George Washington had wooden teeth, etc.

Well, my wife says something to me ALL the time, and I needed to find out if it was true or not.

She and I are big moped people. We frequently drive our moped two miles to downtown Portsmouth, coast along the water, and enjoy the spring and summer air.

I always want to listen to music (which the moped does not provide), so I take one AirPod and my wife takes the other AirPod. That way, we can each listen to music together while being aware of our surroundings.

50% of the time, my wife is not in the mood to fight, puts a headphone in, and off we go. The other 50% of the time, I get the same line: "We cannot put headphones in. That is illegal."

Just like the other "myths" I believe in because I have heard it enough, I just believe that this is true. But is it?

Is it illegal to drive with headphones? NOPE (kind of, there are regulations).

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In Maine and New Hampshire, there are no laws that say you cannot drive with headphones, according to a Lion Law article.

In Massachusetts, however, it is illegal, with an exception. Lion Law claims that drivers are permitted to wear one headphone for the sole purpose of GPS directions.

So to all the mopeders, bikers, and drivers in Maine and New Hampshire, put those headphones in and enjoy your solitude. My people from Massachusetts, you need to limit yourself to one.

It should go without saying that driving with headphones is certainly a distraction, and is not necessarily encouraged.

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