Everyone in New England knows that the most iconic restaurant in all six New England states is the Kowloon on Rt. 1 in Saugus, Massachusetts.

Even if you are not from Massachusetts, this restaurant is an iconic temple of Asian food. You're probably picturing the wooden frame with the statue out front right now.

Well, keep picturing it, but now picture it in New Hampshire.

According to an NBC article, the collaboration between the famous Kowloon and the sports betting casino that is The Brook has been in the works for two years. And they have been keeping it a secret.

Well, the secret is officially out. The Kowloon/Brook crossover project has officially been named "Project Dragon."

This new sister restaurant will have Kowloon favorite meals and cocktails, as well as its own culinary identity.

The new restaurant at the Brook will open THIS SUMMER, 2024.

What a fast turnaround. New Hampshire is about to be BUZZING off of some Rangoons in no time.

The restaurant will have classic Kowloon favorites, such as cocktails and food, but the New Hampshire location will be slightly different.

NBC reports that the New Hampshire location will have multiple dining rooms, an event space, an upscale lounge with late-night music, and more.

This place is going to rock the Brook and all of southern New Hampshire.

Since this is all unfolding this week and they plan to open in a few months, they are in need of all kinds of staff, including waiters, bartenders, nightlife positions, and even live music entertainment.

If you are interested in working at New Hampshire's newest and hottest restaurant, check it out here.

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