You may or may not know this, but every year, there's a flurry of activity by high school juniors, which involves guns.

Back up. It's squirt guns, and it's called "Assassins".  Educators, local police, and parents know about it. However, if you don't have a high school junior at home, you might not be aware of what it is.

The game features squirt guns, and each player is assigned a target they have to eliminate.

Rules say that the game cannot be played on school grounds, as it's not school-sanctioned (and not during school hours either).  This leaves before or after school, at home, at work, or at other places to find the target.


The objective is the be the last person standing, but it can get dicey.   During this time, local police departments receive calls about strangers with guns.

The Londonderry Police Department issued this post on Facebook to warn residents and parents about the consequences if high schoolers don't make it known that they are playing a game.

If your child is participating, it's crucial that they understand the seriousness of carrying a realistic firearm as well as potentially trespassing on others property. We trust in your guidance to ensure their safety and the safety of others.

The right to bear arms is taken very seriously in New Hampshire, but maybe there should be a requirement these teens should carry neon guns, as one parent commented.  This would eliminate the guessing as to who is criminally active and who's playing a game.

It's a whole thing with teens waking up early to find their target before school starts, and parents and teens swapping cars to throw the assassin off.

Many parents say it's great fun for the high schoolers and allows them to blow off steam before finals, but they need to go about the hunt with eyes wide open.

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