The White Mountains in New Hampshire offer so much beauty.

From the peaks of the Presidentials to the swift river along the Kancamangus, the White Mountains have something for everyone.

Did you know there are caves in the White Mountains? I'm talking about caves so small that full-grown adults may feel claustrophobic or could even get stuck (although your kiddos will LOVE it).

Before stepping off into the cave portion of the Lost River Gorge, you must travel through the "squeezer."

The "squeezer" is a test to make sure you can physically get through the tight portions of the cave. Yes, the space is THAT small (you need to make sure you won't get stuck).

If small spaces are not your thing, have no fear. You can still take in the beauty of Lost River Gorge from their gorgeous boardwalks.

There is a one-mile trail of boardwalks that will take you through one of the most beautiful parts of the White Mountains: Kinsman Notch.

If you are able to handle a small space, you will absolutely want to take on some of the caves.

There are 11 boulder caves in total, all unique in their own way.

Check out the boardwalk going down into a cave here:

There is way more than a walking trail and caves at Lost River Gorge. You can see gorgeous waterfalls, crystal-clear swimming holes, and more. This is truly a place for everyone.

You do have to buy tickets, unlike other gems in the White Mountains. Tickets are $23 for a "self-guided tour", and can be purchased on the website here.

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