This story had me choked up, from the headline to the final word.

David Fine has been attached to his dog, Babs, since he first rescued her 10 years ago. Babs is a Shar Pei/Boxer mix that only knows love from Fine.

Fine and Babs have been visiting national parks since he retired four years ago. However, their life together is soon ending.

Fine, aged 63, knows he is in the last chapter of his life. In addition to battling leukemia, Fine also has stage 4 lung cancer, according to an On Your Side article. He was given five to six months to live...five months ago.

Less concerned about his fate, Fine has accepted that it is almost his time, but he wants to accomplish one mission first: find a new home for Babs.

This is where the eyes start to swell and the throat starts to get choked...

“She is the most important thing at this point," said Fine. "My fate is sealed, but hers is not. And, and so I gotta make sure that, you know, she gets as many good years out of the rest of her life as I can."

Fine will not be fully ready to leave this earth until Babs has a new home and a new owner who will love her right.

“And then, then I can rest in peace if, when the time comes,” Fine said. “But I’m not ready to go yet.”

This story is both heartwarming and painfully sad. Fine's only concern is his dog, Babs.

If anyone is able to take Babs in and give her the home that David Fine would want, email DAFINE1960@GMAIL.COM.

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