Any New Englander will tell you that many factors contributing to our region's excellent reputation, including our schools and higher education opportunities.

New Hampshire, specifically, is home to 22 colleges and universities. But it's not just the institutions themselves which hold appeal to prospective students – it's the towns they're located in. After all, when you're not in the classroom or studying, these communities are where you go to shop, eat, and have fun with friends.

The appeal of college towns extends to a demographic beyond just students. It's convenient for faculty and staff to live near campus, and many young professionals want to be near the center of things and socialize with people their age. But of New Hampshire's many college towns, which one is the best? That's where Far & Wide comes in.

The travel website shared a list of the best college towns in every state based on "USA Today, College Ranker, Best College Reviews, Best Value Schools", and more. The place that came out on top for New Hampshire was founded back in 1761, 14 years before the Revolutionary War began.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Far & Wide named Hanover the top college town in New Hampshire, which is no surprise. The historic community is frequented by both its 11,500 residents and 6,000 students who attend Dartmouth College.

Visitors to Hanover can get a cup of Joe at Dirt Cowboy Cafe, considered by Reader's Digest to be the best coffee shop in the state. You can also catch a performance at the Hopkins Center for the Arts, wander the Hood Museum of Art, or grab a bite to eat at Molly's Restaurant & Bar. When it's time to turn in for the night, the historic Hanover Inn invites you to enjoy a boutique, luxury hotel experience with views of the Dartmouth College Green.

So, congratulations to Hanover for the well-deserved shoutout. In the meantime, let's learn more about the other colleges and universities which call New Hampshire home.

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