It's a scene straight out of The Walking DeadThe Last of Us, A Quiet Place, and every other post-apocalyptic show or movie in existence.

A large, catastrophic event happens, whether that's the spread of a dangerous virus, aliens invading the Earth, or a natural disaster unleashing chaos. Society as we know it collapses. Your daily life and future plans have come to a grinding halt, and your only focus becomes surviving and protecting your loved ones.

There's a reason why films and programs about this topic continue to be produced. The concept of survival in the face of uncontrollable events is a universal one, and every human being can journey into their imagination and wonder what they would do if such a disaster were to happen.

Would you hide in your home and hope for the best? Journey to a rural, uninhabited area and live out the rest of your days on the land? Maybe you and your buddies would invade a grocery store, Walmart, or Costco to wait things out in relative security. Or if you're like this writer, you think you'd somehow kick the bucket in 0.5 seconds and that would be that.

We decided to go on Facebook and ask our readers where in New Hampshire they would escape to if society collapsed. The answers ranged from serious to humorous, but either way, let's see what people said (and fingers crossed we never have to find out for real).

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