This writer recently had a conversation with a friend who moved away from New Hampshire a few years ago.

As we were chatting, she shared how much she missed our state's food. Specifically, she mentioned how we have plenty of options around here to experience high-quality, healthy, and authentic cuisines.

This fact echos a statement yours truly has made many times: that the food in this region is top-notch, and we have a loud and proud foodie population to prove it.

With that said, let's put a pin in that conversation, and talk about an interesting hypothetical.

Everyone knows that prisoners on death row are typically allowed a last meal where they can select whatever they want (with some rules and restrictions). Over the years, inmates have made a variety of requests ranging from typical to straight-up unusual.

For instance, according to Mashed, Charles Rumbaugh ate a single flour tortilla, Stacey Lawton enjoyed an entire jar of dill pickles to go with his cheeseburger and fries, and Gerald Lee Mitchell dove into a big bag of Jolly Ranchers.

And that brings us to a very important question: If you knew your next meal would be your last, which New Hampshire restaurant would you visit?

This writer would probably stop by Green Elephant in Portsmouth for a huge plate of Thai ginger noodles (with a level two spice).

We asked our Facebook audience for their thoughts, and they were quick to show the love to countless restaurants scattered throughout the state. So let's learn more about some of the places Granite Staters would visit for their last meal.

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