Do you have a little bit of a lead foot? How many times have you been pulled over for speeding? BE HONEST! 

I have been pulled over once in my life for speeding, but it was enough for me to never do it again. I was a few weeks into my job hosting a morning radio show, and I was running a smidge late. I decided that the chances of me getting pulled over at 4:30 AM were pretty low, and I started speeding like a bat out of hell on 95 north.

It didn't take long for those blue lights to pop up behind me. I apologized and explained myself to the officer, but it didn't matter. I won't reveal how fast I was going here, but if we ever meet out and you ask me in person, I'll tell you. Let's just say it was WAY too fast. I got a $420 ticket for speeding that day. *Pause for gasp*. But I will tell you, I learned my lesson. I have been more mindful of the speed limit signs ever since, regardless of the time of day.

This incident happened in the state of New Hampshire, where I proudly still work and call home. According to a new study, our state is not getting a great reputation when it comes to fatal crashes involving speeding.

New study names New Hampshire among the most fatal states for speeding crashes.

Our fellow New England state, Rhode Island, took the top spot, but New Hampshire is not far behind, coming in at #4.

The survey states that 41.25% of all fatal crashes in New Hampshire were a result of speeding offenses. This works out at 217 of the 526 total.  

This study was conducted by The Fitch Law Firm, a personal injury lawyer based in Ohio. 

A spokesperson from the firm commented:

Although there is a prominent level of speed-related crashes across the board, it’s interesting that many of the top ten states find themselves on the East side of the country. This suggests that speeding is certainly an issue in these areas, and drivers need to ensure they pay more attention to safety. It will be interesting to monitor these figures in the future to discover if any new states make the ranking.

Why are we such speed demons the East Coast? I bet people would speed in LA if they could, but it's impossible because they are always sitting in traffic.

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