Don't you love when a business has a dog or a cat? In the town where I used to live, the post office had a cat named Ginger. She was always lying near the front door like the unofficial greeter than she was. I would stop and pet her behind the ears and make her purr before I went in to buy stamps. It really enhanced my post office experience, and I would look forward to going solely because of her.

When businesses have pets that they so kindly share with their customers, the pet becomes the unofficial mascot of the business. The pets get a name for themselves, and the community grows attached to them!

For many years  Aubuchon Hardware in Newmarket, New Hampshire, had a store cat named Randy. Randy was the nicest guy. When Randy crossed over the rainbow bridge, the community felt a tremendous loss.


Recently, in the Facebook group "What the Hell is going on in Newmarket, NH.", it was posted that Aubuchon Hardware is looking for a new store cat, and need your help. The cat must be able to thrive in a unique environment! The ideal candidate would be independent, affectionate, and a driven mouser!

Tons of comments came pouring in, all with excellent suggestions. Someone mentioned The Tipsy Tabby cat cafe in Newmarket. Their cats are rescues and up for adoption.

Another person suggested to reach out to local shelters like the Animal Refugee League of Portland, Maine, NHPCA,  and Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society.

If you have any leads for Devanee Guruge over at Aubuchon Hardware in Newmarket, respond to her on the post or give the store a call!

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