Gavin Natti has a dream, and he moved one step closer to seeing that dream come true at only 17 years old.

You see, Natti takes the bus to his school, Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School in Danvers. But since he has his license, he's been driving instead.

Imagine his surprise when he was driving down Route 128 after an orthodontic appointment, and saw a bus – his bus – with his bus driver Joe, on the side of the road.

Gavin is a good student just trying to do the right thing, according to  Naturally, he pulled over to check on his buddy Joe, and make sure there was no medical emergency.

Then he helped the driver take a look under the hood. Because Gavin is a diesel mechanic student, he knows a thing or two about engines.

Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School via Facebook
Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School via Facebook

It turns out it was a bad serpentine belt, so Gavin went to three automotive parts stores to try to find a belt, but with no luck.  By the time he returned to the bus, the Essex Tech mechanic, Jay, was there with a new belt, which Gavin helped him install.

Gavin's dream is to own his own service truck and help people, and he's certainly putting out positive energy to attain his goal.

This isn't the first time he's stopped to help people either.  He had stopped another time to help some family friends who had a flat tire on the side of the road.

It's in his DNA to lend a hand, especially to stranded motorists.  It sounds like Gavin will have the right job when he graduates. Go Hawks!

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