There's nothing like a cup of hot or iced coffee to give you that much-needed energy boost to tackle the day ahead.

For some, getting that caffeine kick truly makes a difference, and we don't blame you. It can be hard waking up Monday morning to go to work after dealing with the Sunday scaries. And even if you enjoy your job, that doesn't change the fact that our bodies are tired, and may need some assistance to get that extra pep in our step.

No matter how often you find yourself in line at your local cafe or drive-thru, everyone has a special coffee shop they love visiting. But is it the best coffee shop in all of New Hampshire?

Acclaimed magazine Reader's Digest shared a list of the best coffee shops in all 50 states, including Massachusetts. With hundreds of qualified contenders throughout the Bay State, this couldn't have been an easy decision. But based on glowing customer reviews and "roasting reputation", certain places did indeed stand out among the rest, including one lucky establishment in downtown Boston.

Gracenote Coffee

Gracenote Coffee can be found on Lincoln Street in the Leather District, as well as in the High Street Place Food Hall. But don't let its tiny size fool you. This gourmet espresso bar is truly impressive, as Reader's Digest explains:

Situated in a tiny space, they have a truly impressive espresso machine setup sure to impress any coffee snob. It’s a place to grab and go, or to down a perfectly roasted espresso Italian-style (that’s leaning on the bar), and with caffeine this good you won’t want to sit down anyway.

Just look at this place. How charming is this?

Gracenote Boston via Facebook
Gracenote Boston via Facebook

The next time yours truly visits Boston, a visit to Gracenote Coffee will definitely be in the cards. To learn more about Massachusetts' best coffee shop, click here.

Gracenote Boston via Facebook
Gracenote Boston via Facebook

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