If you are ever wondering what happens when you put Diesel gas into a car that takes regular, the results are not pretty. It causes your car to break down, and costs lots of money to rectify. We don't have to get into how I know this fun and flirty fact. Just trust me on it.

I just recently learned that if water makes it's way into your gas tank, it can have the same effect.

Imagine filling up your tank, seemingly doing everything right, but somehow the gas you pumped into your tank was contaminated with water, and your car breaks down! That is a profoundly unfortunate situation.

This happened yesterday at Penguin Gas in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire. According to WMUR, some groundwater seeped into one of the gas tanks. That tank is currently closed and under investigation. The news site says the gas station is being cooperative.

How does this happen?

New Hampshire Department of Environmental services admit this is an unusual course of events. It has been so rainy lately, and also lots of snow has melted, so the DES suspects that groundwater levels rose much higher than normal and leaked through a break on top of an underground holding tank.

How many cars were affected? 

Five cars broke down after leaving Penguin gas. They were treated immediately, and the gas was removed, lines were washed, etc.

It is unclear as to whether or not these vehicles will be dealing with long-term problems due to this incident.

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