Dave In NH is back with a new sunset video of Nubble Light in York that makes you feel like you can reach out and touch one of the prettiest places on the planet.

The Cape Neddick Light, or the Nubble, is the most photographed lighthouse in the world, according to locals. Since I live 20 minutes away, I thought I'd take the new Mavic Air 2 over to see how well she would handle the sunset.


There's almost always a drone or two orbiting the light at any time of day, and this night was no exception. After waiting for another pilot to clear the area, I launched and caught a gorgeous sunset.

- Dave In NH -

When I was a young kid, the entire summer revolved around our one trip to York Beach That was the first place that I equated with summer vacation.

After a day at the beach on Long Sands, we'd go to the arcade and bowling alley at Short Sands and York's Wild Animal Kingdom. Then my Ma would buy six industrial tons of saltwater taffy at The Goldenrod and we'd spend the last few minutes of the day watching the tourists as they looked at the lighthouse.

To have this excellent footage of it during a sunset? It really brings me back to the late 70's, enjoying a sugar rush and wishing that 364 days would fly right by so we could be here again.

Dave assures me that I will not cause an international incident if I tried to fly this Mavic Air 2, but I think I'd rather eat a pound of molasses taffy and leave the flying to the professionals.

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