I didn't know yoga with goats existed until a couple of days ago, now I want to try it, and I don't even do yoga. Yoga with goats has exploded onto the fitness scene and Jenness Farm in Nottingham, New Hampshire, is leading the way!

When I say I don't do yoga, it's not because I don't like it, it's because my body won't cooperate with many of the maneuvers, meaning, I don't bend like that!

I know, I know, with training and practice it gets easier and you become more flexible. I will say yoga with goats is sooooo much more enticing than just yoga, and from the pictures on the Jenness Farm Facebook page, it looks like a blast!

So, the answer is YES, they are offering classes, they are quite popular already and filling up fast. If you want to get in, their June class schedule will be released soon, and if you want to get on the list, call 603.942.8051.

Hey, if you're not into doing yoga with goats, just go visit Jenness Farm and check out the animals. Plus they have some magnificent products including an all natural tick spray... 'tis the season.

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