NESN's Tom Caron confirmed this amazing news today on our 'Sox Insider' segment that 'The Remdawg' will return at 1pm today! Listen to the audio here!

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox
Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Beloved Red Sox color commentator Jerry Remy returns to the broadcast booth this afternoon for the Red Sox and Yankees Spring Training Game.

Tom Caron has a great explanation why this Sox legend has such universal appeal that stretches far outside the baseball realm.

Because he's the same as us. He gets cranky about the same stupid crap that gets us angry. At times he's a curmudgeon and other times he's so genuinely happy. I've been with him a lot this week and he's so happy being back calling baseball.


Six times he's been diagnosed with cancer and this last time, I remember being there and he said "Best case scenario and I'll never be able to do my job again". But he's proven them wrong AGAIN and he's back for another year in the booth.


1 O' Clock today, you gotta be there, and I can't wait


- Tom Caron 

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