Jerry Seinfeld Tries to 'Bribe' New Hampshire's Ken Burns

In case you haven't heard, Jerry Seinfeld made a comedy about Pop Tarts called Unfrosted, and in one of the trailers, he wants New Hampshire's own Ken Burns to slap his name on it.  Ken isn't taking his "offer."

In this trailer, Jerry tries to "bribe" Ken with a turn-of-the-century baseball card.  Ken isn't having it.  I have to say, Ken did really well with this.  Maybe he'll make a documentary about comedy someday.  I mean, I suppose he did with his film on Mark Twain. 

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Ken Burns can take any subject that would normally sound as boring as watching paint dry, and dress it up so it's not only interesting, but also as compelling as what's happening with Kyle and Mauricio on the next episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

For example, I like baseball, but I wouldn't say I would choose to sit through several episodes of a baseball documentary, unless it was done by Ken Burns.  Have you seen it?  

What about the Civil War?  Forget about it.  I would fall asleep in five minutes, unless it was a documentary done by Ken Burns.

Everyone knows about Ken Burns documentaries, but do they know about his French cuisine restaurant with the Fine Chocolate Shoppe right next door?  Probably not.  More on that later.

The movie, which hit Netflix on May 3, 2024, looks VERY funny.  The cast is filled with A-list actors like Melissa McCarthy, Hugh Grant, Amy Schumer, Christian Slater, Dan Levy, (love!)  Jon Hamm, Peter Dinklage, Cedric the Entertainer, Dean Norris, Rachael Harris, and many more.  How could it not be good?

Check out the trailer:

Are you a fan of Ken Burns documentaries?

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