Jumpin' Jay's Fish Cafe in downtown Portsmouth announced on their Facebook page that it's going in to hibernation for the Winter.

The Facebook post states that their last night of service until the Spring is Saturday night, December 12, 2020.

They have received many positive comments on their page about doing the socially responsible thing, like this one from Jane K. Kendall:

Incredible social responsibility, & social responsibility. Many restaurants manage get by with seasonal closings & I hope your staff are able to get by over the winter. Wishing everyone all the best
Also this comment by Kerry Fay:
I hope Spring brings an end to this nightmare. Please come back then, we have a lot of great memories with you. My husband and I had our first dinner date with you and it is also the first time he tried oysters. He’s been hooked ever since.
I wonder what they are going to do about their staff?  Are they going to pay them until the Spring?  Can they collect unemployment until then?  I'm sure these are questions that they took in to consideration before making the decision to close until next year.
I particularly like Jumpin' Jay's when they put me in my favorite table, which is the one right next to the front window.  You can literally toast to the people waiting at the light.  Sometimes, they'll toast back!  One guy wanted a bite of my baked haddock, but he didn't have enough time for that.  The light turned green and off he went.
I'll look forward to going again in the Spring!

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