I find myself mesmerized by the gentleman who interprets NH's Covid-19 press conferences for the hard of hearing. His name is David Krueger and his profile is fascinating.

According to this WMUR-TV video, Krueger has been an official interpreter for over a decade but relatively new to the public eye.

I have seen quite a number of these press conferences, after a while I thought that I noticed a bit of a delay between what Governor Chris Sununu is saying and the sign language interpretation.

Come to find out, there's a perfectly logical and interesting reason for this phenomenon.

David Krueger, who is deaf, focuses on a team of two assistants that relay the message to him, which I can only assume, summarizes the points being made and that message is passed along through his interpretation.

His facial expressions are really something to behold and really add a great deal of context and emotion to the already sensitive subject matter.


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