During a chance encounter with Justin Bieber, Keith Richards said "Who the F*** are you?". In my book, just another reason to love Keith.

It was a chance encounter over the New Year's holiday when the following took place.

According to sources for US Weekly ..."once the diminutive Canadian star walked into the 'tiny beach bar' on the luxurious Parrot Cay island, Richards took notice of him.A source told the weekly, 'There was an old guy throwing back drinks who said, "Who the f*** are you?"' to the star.When the 20-year-old pop sensation shot back, 'I don't know, who the f*** are you?' the British rocker became 'amused,' it was claimed.'-Daily Mail

Call me a 'geezer" and an "old fogey" and I'll plead guilty as charged. Justin Bieber comes across as a petulant little kid to me. When he's Mr. Richards age and has the equivalent body of work behind him, perhaps I might change my tune. I'll note that when Keith was Bieber's age, he was concentrating on his craft, not egging houses.