I was stunned by this news article from Seacoast Online. Then I ran around the halls in celebration! Keno 603 is coming to Newmarket!

Train Images
Train Images

According to Seacoast Online, Newmarket voters, heroically might I add, in the midst of a blinding snowstorm yesterday, courageously passed the measure to allow this exciting new game by an EIGHTEEN vote margin (349-331).

Hopefully, it won't be that long of a delay before their residents can play a 9 spot ticket along the mighty banks of The Lamprey River.

Just look at the great haul off free goodies I got just last week from The NH Lottery in the photo above, a sweet hat, a rugged pint glass and a sturdy pen ALL emblazoned with the Keno 603 logo. Jealous?

Congrats to the residents of Newmarket and GOOD LUCK!

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