Donald Trump was heckled by a young woman and called a "racist" while trying to enjoy lunch during a campaign stop at a Manchester diner.

The lady yelled "Enjoy your burger racist!" while Trump was mid-interview, seated at a table at the famed Red Arrow Diner on Elm Street.

The little rebel-rouser followed up her claim of Trump being racist by saying "I love New Hampshire." In the interview following the incident she makes it very clear that she is standing up for New Hampshire and doesn't want to be known as an antagonizer. That's good.

This isn't the first time The Donald has been heckled and it certainly won't be the last. He is the topic of much discussion during this election year and has always been a polarizing figure.

What I don't understand is how Trump didn't get up and chase after this woman. He's not one to back down from anything small or large. Perhaps his hair was covering his ears enough to cause him not hear the protester?

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