If you're a huge fan of huge corn mazes, there's one in our Sister State that is the monster maize maze of all time. And time is of the essence if you choose to enter.

Great Vermont Corn Maze
Great Vermont Corn Maze

Great Vermont Corn Maze - Danville, VT

A little over 2 hours north on I-93 and you'll find yourself lost in the 24 ACRE (?) Great Vermont Corn Maze in Danville.

Though this maze does have escape routes and can be solved in around a half hour, the management strongly suggests that you get there early. The last 2 people are allowed in at 2pm weekdays and 3pm weekend days.

Their suggestion to teenagers (90% of teenagers) is brutally honest.

'Unfortunately, 90% of teenagers age 13 - 20 give up in less than 20 minutes
and have little interest in really solving the maze.
All teens must have adult supervision at all times.


Radios and cell phones are not considered supervision.


The 10% of teenagers who like the challenge of the maze, return
every year and we enjoy seeing them year after year.'

- Great Vermont Corn Maze

You hear that Post-Millennial Generation? The challenge is on!

*Entire Generation Looks Up From Mobile Device* *Rolls Eyes* *Looks Back Down*

Oh well.

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