It's a simple enough question; Lasagna or Spag and balls? And the debate has raged for hours.

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Over five hours ago, Sarah asked this question on Facebook and it garnered 18 total votes.

Three people chickened out and voted BOTH.

Which means out of the remaining 15 people, the decision couldn't have been any closer.

8 people went with Lasagna and 7 preferred Spag and balls.

If it's Wednesday, it's PASTA day in the North End!😀 With THAT in mind, ANY pasta dish is AWESOME especially if it's from the North End!😂 - Richard from Facebook

Richard makes an excellent point here, it seems almost sacrilege to suggest something other than spaghetti on Prince spaghetti day (throwback commercial).

OH that's a hard one I'm going to have to go lasagna with all meat and mozzarella - Kevin from Facebook

After every single vote was counted I went with the winner, Lasagna! From Strafford House of Pizza here in Dover.

If Spaghetti gets just two more votes, my lunch is set for tomorrow!


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