Even though I've voted every single possible time in my life, in every single Primary and Election Day and special Rochester NH mayoral runoff with no problems, this election feels different than all that came before it.

This is, a once in one hundred years type of Election. And people will be asking about this for many years to come. - NH Secretary Of State Bill Gardner

Even the idea of printing the word 'Anxiety' when in reference to voting in the Granite State seems odd.

I'm not afraid of intimidation as that has never happened, the only social interaction I've had with any people holding signs as you walk into the polling place has been a very friendly 'Hello'.

And the volunteers that take my ID and check my name off on the list have been very friendly and competent since the 1992 NH Primary (Ancient History).

What I'm worried about is standing in line for hours. The longest I ever stood in line was about a half hour for the 2000 Presidential Election and the whole time it moved along enough that it didn't seem that bad.

But this time, in addition to the 'Once In A Century' high turnout, something else has been bugging me since I voted in the September Primary.

There were only 6 voting booths at my polling place!

If this is the case today, I'm afraid it's going to be HOURS until I get through the line.

Hopefully more booths have been made available and I'm just worrying for no reason.

I'll soon find out!

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