I have a bit of an obsession with the NH Drought Map and the different shapes that it takes throughout our driest months. Watch me transform the 'Abnormally Dry' into a wonderful wedge of lemon!


The counties almost look more realistic as lemon sections than my illustrated lines!

I'd also like to thank Lake Winnipesaukee for it's humble and realistic portrayal of a gigantic lemon seed. The resemblance is stunning.

In addition, my deepest apologies to the good people of Cheshire County for putting up with a 700 square mile sized 'Sunkist' sticker. I thought that would make a pretty 'Keene' location for that iconic symbol.

With a few storms predicted tomorrow in the Seacoast it's yet to be determined if the map will look any different when the update happens on Thursday morning.

If the drought intensifies any, the infusion of orange and red colors may transform this iced tea into a tropical smoothie of dust. Stay tuned!

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